Reviews on google. Something necessary today, so we explain what they are and their importance. The first thing we do as human beings is trust what the community tells us. If everyone talks bad about a product, you will almost certainly refuse to buy that product. Google was ready and for many years incorporated a rating tool into Google My Bussiness. This would help the community assess how good a site, place, product or service is.

What are reviews on Google for?

Reviews on Google are vitally important to the user and the business. For users it can be used to decide whether to buy a service / product. For the business behind it, it helps you get in touch with customers and improve your service.

Do not get carried away only by the numerical evaluation. It may be that the business is being attacked with negative reviews from the competition. The idea is that the reviews on Google give a quick overview of how good a business’s product or service is.

Who can write in Google reviews?

Any user can write reviews on Google for free. It was not exactly necessary to be in person at the premises or to have hired a service. Although Google, as you know, knows perfectly if we have been or not.

Although it is an open site, there are outstanding opinions such as those of the Google Local Guides ( Local guides )

What are Local Guides or local guides?

As happens in all areas of life, consult sources that are true or authorized or at least with sufficient experience. Local guides or Local Guides are people who theoretically know the product, service or place and have an objective opinion of what they write. The more reviews on Google they have, the better the search engine sees these reviews and the more prominent they appear.

It is not the same to believe a user who has rated hundreds of places or similar products to a person who leaves a negative review for the first time. Having Google reviews of top-level local guides makes your local search visibility better than the competition.

Do they serve to improve the local positioning of my website?

It is not proven or documented that this is the case, but based on our experience and the tests we have carried out over the last few years, having more than 50 or 100 reviews with a certain level of quality has a positive influence on the local positioning of our business. . It can even directly affect the positioning of the site associated with the Google my business tab. Therefore, we do  believe that they are of vital importance. Furthermore, we cannot forget that they  indirectly affect your business. If a user sees that you have 3 or less stars, they will never think of buying your product . It is a question of trust.

Can I improve the reviews on Google?

Of course. There are several examples of appropriate strategies for each situation. From contacting trusted collaborators and clients, providing access to writing a review, to conducting internal promotion. You can also contact those who have left you a negative rating to make them reconsider and turn it into a positive one.

At Watermelon we provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions for each situation. We define the problem and have the answer to solve crisis situations with Google reviews.

Businesses that are truly committed to digitization and online customer service can increase sales thanks to Google reviews if they are well managed. No business should be allowed to stop selling a service or product because of negative ratings.

Google reviews are the ‘ word of mouth ‘ of the 21st century

It’s a matter of logic. Google reviews are the word of mouth of our time. If until a few decades ago, before the appearance of the Internet, we blindly believed what a third party thought about the quality of a product or service, now we do the same with opinions on the Internet. It is a very human attitude, since we understand that whoever formulates the opinion has no specific interest, only to convey their experience in the most objective way.

Conclusion on the importance of reviews on Google

From the point of view of the robots.

Reviews on Google are quite important in order to improve positioning. When there is a high number of users leaving opinions, Google robots understand that the content is relevant and a candidate to appear better positioned.

On the other hand, a high number of reviews on Google transmit relevance, since this fact generates interest and user traffic to the site from the file. The algorithm logically interprets that the more people go to a place, the more interesting it is. These are good reasons for your business to appear higher in the local ranking.

From the users point of view

It is very decisive since we always take into account the opinions of third parties. The more there are and the better the score, the better. In fact, sometimes they are not read. It is common to take into account the number of reviews and the average score. That is to say; A restaurant with 3 reviews and a 5-star rating is not the same as a similar restaurant with more than 4000 reviews on Google and a score of 4.7.

In the second case the score is lower, but obviously I would not hesitate for a moment to go to the second.

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