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Search engine marketing (SEM) has changed and now requires a systematic approach of building links and a well thought-out marketing plan that is backed by analytics data, search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Brafton can take the reins on your SEM campaign management. Our PPC strategists can help you through every phase of the SEM process.

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According to Google Data, people conduct more than 100 billion Google searches each month (source). Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM)… is a valuable tactic that can drive highly qualified traffic to your website. The best part is, you only pay when they click. When people realize they want or need something, Actuate Media can help your business reach these in-market shoppers quickly and efficiently via paid SEM. Each search represents an opportunity to influence your target customers’ decisions and preferences, let Actuate Media help position your business to make the sale and acquire new customers online. Curtis Times Media is Google Ads Certified and follows Google’s Ads best practices. If you are less than satisfied with your current SEM Agency, then give Curtis Times Media Media a chance to earn your business.

SEM Marketing Agency

SEM is what we do and we are here to help your business achieve its digital marketing and revenue goals through customer acquisition. Our SEM Agency is an expert at building and optimizing conversion-based search marketing campaigns. We strategize, implement, test, and continually analyze campaign data to improve performance. We do not believe in the set-it-forget-it approach! Whether our team is taking over an existing campaign or starting from scratch, we deliver conversions, not just clicks.


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SEM and Digital Marketing Services

Online advertising services through targeted SEM campaigns is about building authority for a web site and a business. Digital SEM services combine SEO, content marketing and social media web promotion campaigns to establish authority and digital rapport with future clients. Developing a reputation as a solution provider through solving search queries with focused and optimized (SEO) content that reach multiple marketing channels can establish a company as an industry leader and increase web visibility.

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | SEO optimization | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd

Target Audience
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Site Quality Score
  • SEM R.O.I. Measurements
  • SEM Strategy
  • SEM Consulting
  • SEM Copy-writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Link Equity Analysis
Our Specialties
  • Blog Post Optimization
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Integration
  • Image, Alt tag optimization
  • Structured Data
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Domain Authority
  • Robots.txt Files
  • User Experience
  • Meta Tag Analysis
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Schema Integration
  • hreflang and International Search
Notable Awards
  • NoFollow / DoFollow Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Site Code Optimization
  • Rich Snippets
  • Optimize Page Speed
  • Meta Tag Creation and Optimization
  • AMP Integration
  • Social Media SEO
  • Local SEO Search
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Organic Search
Featured On
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Canonical URLs
  • CSS Optimization
  • Page Structure and Header Analysis
  • Link Portfolio Optimization
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Where Your Brand's SEM Matters

At the core of our SEM services is campaign management. We work with you to create a strategy, then make that strategy a reality. We can reduce your cost-per-click, improve click-through rates, drive conversions, and deliver quality leads or sales from your paid search campaigns. To achieve this, we use precise targeting, custom landing pages, rigorous A/B testing, and a series of processes refined from years of developing SEM campaigns. We are a Premier level Google Partner, which is Google’s highest partnership tier reserved for only the most experienced and top performing SEM companies.

Our SEM agency Services Can Help

Search engine marketing is a form of paid search advertising that promotes your content at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs). The publisher of the ad pays a fee every time a user clicks on the paid search result, which means SEM is a type of pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising.

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How We Work As A SEM Services Agency

Research and Strategy

Our SEM services start with our team getting to know your business and the products or services you sell. We then perform an in-depth PPC audit, looking at the PPC landscape your company faces, analyzing your current SEM campaigns and closely inspecting what your competitors are doing. We also research and identify the most relevant and cost-efficient keywords, finding both regular and long-tail keyword opportunities.

Custom Landing Pages

Conversion optimized landing pages are crucial to the success of any SEM campaign which is why we include them as part of our service. The landing pages we create have better branding, content and message-match with ads. We create pages by utilizing the “dynamic keyword insertion” technique which allows us to change the headlines and other important content on the pages dynamically, based on keywords being searched by users.

Precise Targeting

At the core of our approach is to use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) for keywords that drive 80-90% of the traffic. This allows us to be far more targeted than other SEM agencies. The result: Search ads perfectly customized to the keyword being searched. We also utilize niche keywords to further refine our SEM campaigns and reach your audience. Also, for display and retargeting campaigns, we research specific sites that are frequented by your target audience.

Testing and Optimization

While many SEM agencies talk about optimization, We take a much more rigorous approach to testing. We A/B test everything – custom landing pages, ads, offers, etc. to drive consistent improvement in conversion rates. We also optimize campaigns on the basis of end-to-end attribution — what keywords, ads, devices, landing pages, campaigns, targeting, etc., are leading to the best quality leads and sales.

Analytics and Reporting

Data is what fuels our SEM services. We track and measure data across all activities and channels that we manage. We constantly monitor campaigns and tweak our strategies to increase overall campaign effectiveness and meet goals. We provide beautiful monthly reports that will give you a breakdown of performance and extract actionable insights. These insights will include changes in strategy for our ad campaigns, as well as suggestions for other paid channels that we believe would generate results.

Compagnie Strategy

Set up your SEM campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, YouTube and other search engines. Define campaign goals, create conversion tracking in Google Analytics, geo-target your campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your website at the lowest cost-per-click possible.

The Best SEM services Agency

Curtis Times Media search engines generating the majority of high conversion site traffic across the web, Curtis Times Media SEM Agency delivers date-driven search engine optimization to create high impact marketing campaigns that generate first place, market leading, rankings.

Your Brand's SEM Matters

Trust in our SEMagency is created through transparency. With sketchy SEM agencies making ridiculous promises of overnight rankings on Google we provide our clients with data driven and fact-based SEM techniques for a tested approach to long-term traffic growth. Our elite SEM process is not easy, fast or magic but rather, it is built on hard work, data, analytics and thousands of tests. Top search engine ranking with data-driven SEM has become an essential ingredient for reaching an online audience.

Doin' SEO Great

As a top SEM Agency we use a tested strategy for increasing rankings and gaining optimal site recognition and indexing. Both on-page and off-page SEM techniques work in harmony to drive traffic, offer site visitors solution-driven content and CRO returns the best user experience possible. Understanding web-user searches for traditional and vertical search engines while implementing tested on-page edits for organic ranking and traffic creates high natural or organic results on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


Search engine marketing is your way to become visible in the oversaturated online market at the time when buyers are actively searching for your product or service. Search engine marketing allows you to be extremely precise in who you target and allows you to produce advertising “good points” on a continuous basis throughout the buyer journey, potentially leading to a conversion. While SEO takes months to see results, with SEM brands can show up on the first page of Google within a couple of hours.


Search engine marketing is the process by which you market your product or services to be visible in SERPs, or, search engine results pages, through paid search ads. Many things fall under SEM, like YouTube advertising, mobile app advertising, Google Ads campaigns, Bing Ads, PPC and bid management, contextual networks, display ad marketing and remarketing pixels.


SEM is the collection of tactics and mediums marketers can use to advertise to their audience through search engines through paid ads on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. SEO services include tactics to increase “organic” traffic through back-end code optimizations, content planning and strategic keyword research/usage on your website. Both organic and paid search marketing are essential for your internet marketing strategy and should be used in an integrated way to complement each other.

Keyword Research and Analysis

SEM Keyword Research and Analysis is the foundation of an online marketing campaign. Identifying targeted keywords that drive traffic and sales leads to your website is crucial to your digital marketing campaign. The cursory analysis produces an abundance of potential Keyword phrases that could be used in a marketing campaign. However, attempting to optimize a web page or important content for many of these apparently relevant keyword phrases is prohibitively expensive and counter-productive.

A more thorough approach is to refine the search by parsing the initial analysis from different perspectives that include the demographics of your target market, product or service benefits, the relevance of keywords for your audience, search volume, cost, and your company’s marketing goals. Selecting the best keywords that provide the highest and best return is the “game-changer” that brings highly interested and highly qualified traffic to your website.

Why A SEM Agency?

Digital marketing has largely pivoted away from paid advertising in the past decade, as evidenced through the meteoric rise of content marketing. Nevertheless, SEM and other forms of click advertising still have substantial strategic value when used prudently as part of a larger marketing strategy. Some of the reasons why you should use SEM in your digital marketing


The main difference between search engine optimisation (SEO) and SEM is that the former is unpaid. Search engine optimisation relies on organic, unpaid content to improve site visibility. This might include on-page optimisation with technical SEO and website copy optimised to rank for specific keywords. It could also rely on off-page optimisation through social media marketing, email marketing, backlink strategies and other off-site tactics. Without strong SEO, SEM can end up costing more money. This is because of the important role that Quality Score plays in determining CPC. Optimising your website or landing page to rank for certain keywords is therefore important for tempering the cost of PPC strategies.

Why should you work with an SEM consultant Agency?

An SEM expert is a digital marketing professional whose specialty is SEM.
He can also be called an SEM consultant or an SEM Agency specialist.
Thanks to his level of expertise, he helps his clients to improve the performance of their websites in terms of natural referencing.
The SEM expert has a perfect command of all marketing techniques required to improve a website’s visibility on a search engine, mainly Google. Hiring an SEM consultant Agency will allow you in the medium to long term to significantly increase traffic to your website and thus, leads and conversions.
The SEM Services Agency expert helps you define a strategy and adjust the changes necessary for the optimization and good SEM of your website. His knowledge of the technical specifications taken into account by search engines will help you maximize your chances of being on the first page of search results on Google and therefore obtain the best click rate.

Better CTR, Click-through rates (CTR) for most forms of display advertising average less than 0.5%. This means that, of the users who see a display ad, less than half a percent will actually click on it. By comparison, the average CTR for paid search campaigns is 2%. Paid SEM services are several times more likely to move the needle for your business than other forms of digital advertising.

Potential for Quick ResultsMaking your way to Page 1 of search results in Google, Bing and other search engines through organic content marketing takes time and effort – up to 100 days in many cases.  As you build out your organic content and optimise your existing web pages to perform better on search, SEM can help provide some relief in the way of generating traffic. Search engine marketing is not a substitute for an organic strategy; however, it can be useful for supporting the early phases of your content marketing efforts.

Brand Awareness Non-paid search results on the first half of Page 1 regularly see CTRs of 50% or higher, which is much better than the 2% delivered through paid search. Nevertheless, paid search results are still the first listings users see as they scroll through Page 1 of SERPs. This exposure can help build brand awareness by as much as 80% in some cases, according to Google.

Promotion for Local Services More than 30% of all searches have local intent. For local services such as plumbing, landscaping and event planning, listing near the top of results could make the difference between business going to them or to a competitor. Google offers Local Service Ads that local-services businesses can use to rank higher in search results. Unlike paid search, publishers pay for lead generation, not for clicks. Leads count as phone calls, messages or bookings made through the ad.

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